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Spherical Moments: A Debut Exhibition By Liu Bin And Jordan Kasey

25 Jun – 1 Jul, 2024

Onfinitive Project proudly announces their return pop-up “Spherical Moments” in Singapore after its successful debut exhibition “Neo Japan: Pop Art Explored” last July at Artspace@ Helutrans.

This exhibition will showcase over 10 new works by Beijing-born artist Liu Bin and Chicago-born artist Jordan Kasey. This project is considered to be their debut exhibition in Singapore.

Elvina Chan, curator for the exhibition explains, “In this project, one is a Chinese male artist the other is a female American artist, their backgrounds and experiences growing up could not be more different, yet I find striking similarities in their artistic language. This idea of capturing moments or “pauses” in daily life, whether it’s sketches from photographic imagery or collecting ideas and memories. The metaphor of a sphere appears to be a prism where real-life occurrences are manifested in their minds, we see an expression of imaginary otherworldly landscapes and scenes. Here, Liu creates a Pinocchio figure for example and Jordan creates all these colourful round figures that are not ordinary ‘people’. I hope for this exhibition, we can all take a pause in our busy schedules and appreciate both artists’ work and through their magical imageries we allow ourselves to get lost in an imaginative world.”

“I’m excited to present this exhibition in Singapore this summer. Each of the artists Liu Bin and Jordan Kasey have a strong distinctive visual language. I am very drawn to their works and I am curious to see how art collectors in this region respond to their work. “ shared by Chloe Chiu, founder of Onfinitive Project.

“Spherical Moments” will officially open on Tuesday 25 June, at Artspace@Helutrans with one of the artists Liu Bin will be present. There will be a DJ performance by Bernadette Belle, who was also crowned Miss Universe Singapore in 2020.

The exhibition is ongoing till Monday 01 July, free admission to public. More details on the opening hours can be found below.

Media Preview

Chloe Chiu, founder of Onfinitive Project

Liu Bin, artist

Elvina Chan, curator, will be present, on Tuesday 25 June, 3 – 5 pm

Exhibition Opening

Opening Reception with live DJ BB on on Tuesday 25 June, 6 – 9 pm

Exhibition Period

Date: 25 June – 01 July

Time: 10 am – 6 pm daily, except 25 June, 6 – 9 pm

Venue: Artspace@Helutrans | 39 Keppel Road, #01-05 Distripark, Singapore 089065


View Catalogue: https://jmp.sh/s/NJY4RcejqJejq0yUH9bt

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