Mission and Vision

Onfinitive Art Foundation is an organization based in Hong Kong, with affiliated offices in Singapore and Tokyo. We are dedicated to recognizing, supporting, and fostering international collaboration for young contemporary artists over the world. In pursuing our mission, we are committed to support artists through exhibitions, artist residences, and educational programs.

With decades of art collecting background and years of experience in the art market, we are dedicated to establish partnerships with leading art institutions around the world, collaborating with curators and specialists to contribute to the expanding global contemporary art discourse.


Ms Chloe Chiu started her art journey in 2013 under the influence of her father, a well-known Chinese imperial antiques collector and one of the earliest the most active participants of China’s auction market since early 90s. She has been actively involved in auction sales, galleries and museum activities, as well as internet art startups. Ms Chiu’s collection focuses on works that inspire and strike chords most with the millennial generation through pop art and street art, with an emphasis on East Asian artists.

Ms Chiu graduated from Tsinghua University and was trained to be a doctor and engineer. She further pursued her studies in Finance at the University of Michigan, after which she joined one of the leading asset management firms in China to further develop independent mindset through researching and investing in greater China equities.

She currently resides in Hong Kong and was a committee member of M+ International Council 2021-2023. She has been suppporting Singapore Art Museum since 2023.